Engagement Story

*This is the very, very condensed version of the story.

June 24th, 2011 was, without a doubt, the best day of my life so far.

It was the last day of camp, and I was helping my team clean up their room a little bit before heading out to our last worship session. While I was standing with my back to the door, Sara, another team leader, told me to turn around.

Standing right in front of me was my boyfriend, Martin.

I almost started crying, but I think my racing heart and uncontrollable smiling stopped that. Martin led me outside, keeping a casual attitude. We started walking up to an old prayer chapel, which sits on a hill looking out on some trees. Five years ago, we had sat at the same spot; it was at that spot that I started liking him. Today, as we sat together, I could feel my heart about to jump out of my chest. My thoughts were on one thing, one question.

We stood up.

Martin wrapped his arms around me and smiled. He started saying some sweet things, playing with my hair, staring into my eyes. He gave me a kiss and, as I started breathing faster than ever, got down on one knee.

While it was in the middle of the mosquito-infested woods and I was 99.9 percent sure I knew it was happening that day (ruining any surprise), I still can’t help but smile and think about how lucky I am.

So starts the biggest adventure of all!

2 thoughts on “Engagement Story

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