Birds of a Feather.

I recently came across a recipe for butterbeer cupcakes – and instantly knew I just had to make them. What better time than now, when the last Harry Potter film is so close? That’s what my fiance and I have planned for today!

It’s things like this that keep a smile on my face every day. I know that my future is going to be filled with adventures, baking, laughter, and love. Who better to spend that time with than the one God has chosen for me? It’s almost crazy to think that every single thing I did up to this point has prepared me for life with him. All my mistakes, all my decisions – they are all part of a bigger plan.

We may not like all the same things, but we’re alike enough to enjoy each other’s company doing the simplest of things. That’s what gets me so giddy about the future; it won’t matter if we’re baking treats based on a favorite series or just watching a movie. We will have the best time, every time.

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2 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather.

  1. This is really sweet. I know exactly how you feel. I can’t wait to bake and cook with my fiance! It’s those little things that get me excited for marriage. Only 45 more days to go for me! When is your big day?

    <3 Milieu

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