Country Slicker.

Today, a few friends and I were talking about whether we were country girls or city slickers. I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought; for lack of a better word, I’m a mutt. Though I was raised in a slightly large town and feel more than comfortable in the city (like Chicago or Grand Rapids-sized), I have deep, deep southern roots. Half my family lives in Tennessee/Mississippi and I love the country life. It’s just the way things turned out!

I’ve been seeing a ton of stereotypes in the media lately. Having a minor in the communication department forces me to look at the media from a critical perspective – and being at Spring Arbor also forces me look at it as Christ would. Usually, stereotypes would not mean much to me; living in today’s society makes them all seem normal. Since I’ve started with my communication and other diversity classes here, however, I have become much more aware of the problems caused by such judgment. Did God intend this world to be perfect? Of course not. He knew sin would come into the world from the┬ábeginning. But does God enjoy His children casting judgment on each other?

Not at all.

City slicker, country girl, Jesus freak; whatever you want to call me, I have one thing in common with the rest of the world.

We’re all children of God. Heirs of the Kingdom, Brides of Christ. Call me what you want, but I know my real title lies in Him.

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