If you live in the United States, you have heard of the most recent snow storm hitting a chunk of the nation. And if you are anything like me, you cringe at the word.


I need a moment to vent. People overreacting about weather is one of my odd pet peeves. I have lived in Michigan all my life, and while this amount of snow is a bit much, I am not about to stock up on a months worth of food in case I start starving (sure, the dining hall on campus does not have the best food, but I think I could manage in case the stash in my dorm room runs low). 28 – no, make that 29 – of my facebook friends are currently “attending” this year’s¬†Snowpocalypse. And, the only thing I have heard about in the past 12 hours is why our campus has yet to close. Small school, people.

Why let this bother you? It’s weather. It changes. It is going to snow a lot right now, then it will melt. I am irritated with humanity and how the very moment a situation arises for there to be panic, there it is!

The only thing I can think about right now? The fact that my boyfriend is in the dorm next to mine in a friend’s room, and that we are going to play in the snow tomorrow. Oh, life’s simple pleasures.

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